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Nop Ajax Cart


Imagine you go to the local grocery store to get your weekly food shopping. However, you can get only one item a time, exit the store, and come back again if you want to buy more. And you have to do the same for every item on your shopping list. Sounds ridiculous, doesn't it. Then, why do the same to your online shoppers? Why interrupting the process with page refreshes, postbacks to the server and redirects to the Shopping Cart every time they hit the Add To Cart button? Do yourself and your customers a favor and allow for a seamless and enjoyable shopping process with the Nop Ajax Cart plugin for nopCommerce.


Nop Ajax Filters


Don't underestimate the online shopper. Buyers usually go online with a particular idea of what they look for. A dress, casual, size S, in green, by brand Z, for example, is a very specific query. Shoppers want to get to the right product fast. And store owners want to meet their expectations because in this race against time, every second counts. With the Nop Ajax Filters plugin for nopCommerce time is on your side because what you have here is an extremely fast and powerful filtering capability. What's more, shoppers can filter by price, manufacturer, specifications, and even attributes.


Nop Ajax Filters Pro


Ajax Filters Pro pack for nopCommerce takes product filtering to a whole new level. The plugin adds a preliminary search on the home page of your website. Backed up by the Nop Ajax Filters plugin on the website category pages, this pro pack is the ultimate filtering solution for your website. No need to look further, you have found the best product filtering plugin there is.


Nop Anywhere Sliders


With the Nop Anywhere Sliders plugin for nopCommerce, you can manage an unlimited number of slider instances anywhere on your nopCommerce website. You no longer have to edit your website pages or integrate client-side scripts for every new sliding banner. The Anywhere Sliders plugin is here to give you a hand, save you tons of time and will do all this with minimal friction.


Nop Attachments


The Product Attachments plugin for nopCommerce does what its name suggests. With it, you can upload and instantly attach files or videos to one or more products in your online store. But don't be fooled, this plugin is far from being plain. With the variety of features it offers, this extension is bound to exceed your expectations.


Nop Carousel


Everyone likes the good old product carousel. Let's admit it, carousels look good and save some much website space. With the Nop Carousel plugin for nopCommerce, you can create carousels of Featured Products, Bestsellers, Recently Viewed Products, Also Purchased Products and so much more, and display them on any of your website pages. What's more, now the plugin displays product item boxes. Take the Nop Carousel for a spin, and you will not regret it.


Nop Categories Header Menu


The nop Categories Header Menu plugin for nopCommerce allows you to show your categories and custom defined links in a dropdown menu, which is easy to integrate and customize.


Nop Cloud Zoom


Off-line shopping has one significant advantage over online shopping. The off-line shoppers can wear the product, touch the material, and see the color nuances, something the online shopper can't really do. There is no need to despair if you are an online store owner. The must-have Nop Cloud Zoom plugin for nopCommerce watches your back. This plugin will give your customers the virtual experience of wearing, touching, and viewing the product in fine details so that they never doubt their choice.


Nop Facebook Shop


With the Nop Facebook Shop plugin you can have your customers browse your catalog and search for the right product right within Facebook. Build your store on Facebook and start selling today with this powerful and easy to manage plugin for nopCommerce.


Nop Help Desk


Customer service can make or break a business. With the Nop Help Desk plugin for nopCommerce, the overwhelming everyday support is a breeze. Now customers can comfortably raise, track, and close tickets. And you can finally put your customer service in good order and take care of every single inquiry with ease!


Nop HTML Widegts


You don't have to know what HTML stands for to use this plugin. The Nop HTML Widgets plugin for nopCommerce allows you to add HTML content to your website without writing a single line of code. With this plugin, you can do magic.


Nop Instant Search


Have you ever tried to look for a needle in a haystack? Frankly speaking, it's impossible. Now, imagine your website visitors searching for a product on your website. It is the same. And your task, as a store owner, is to help them find that needle. The Instant Search plugin for nopCommerce will help website visitors find the right product in seconds. Now they can search the whole website, or search in top-level categories, product descriptions, and product tags. Nothing will be left uncovered.


Nop Knowledgebase


The Nop Knowledgebase plugin for nopCommerce is the perfect tool for creating online product documentation and how-to guides. You can create topics, map them to categories, add related articles, and more. With this plugin, you can provide self-service support to your clients anytime, anywhere. It is always online even when you are not!


Nop Mega Menu


The menu of a website is like a map. Its purpose is to guide website visitors, so they are never lost amongst the hundreds of website pages. With the Mega Menu plugin for nopCommerce, you can build a custom mega menu the way you like it. It is easy, fast, and flexible. The result is menu navigation that shines.


Nop Newsletter Popup


Keeping in touch is essential for any relationship - personal or business. Building a good relationship with your clients online is even more difficult because you don't have the advantage of face-to-face communication. So, how do you stay in touch? Building a newsletter subscribers list is the way to go. Now you can easily do that with the Newsletter plugin for nopCommerce which adds a newsletter subscription pop-up to your website pages.


Nop One Page Checkout


If you travel from A to B, you will probably want to take the fastest route. Checking out is the virtual trip your customers make from point A (adding the desired items to their shopping cart) to point B (paying for those items). And they want this trip to be smooth and nice without any detours or obstacles. The One Page Checkout plugin for nopCommerce is the sweetest shortcut your customers are certain to enjoy. It is fast and easy because the whole process happens on a single page.


Nop Previous Next Product


The advantage of the Previous&Next Product plugin for nopCommerce is obvious. There is no need to sugar-coat it. This humble plugin will save just one step in the shopping process for your clients, but one that makes a difference. Now the online shoppers don't have to go to the category list page to navigate to the next product. Simple, yet significant.


Nop Price Match


Staying ahead of your business rivals is a constant race. It is even tougher for online businesses where shoppers can easily compare prices online. The Price Match plugin for nopCommerce will give store owners a competitive advantage. The plugin allows customers to report lower prices on the same product they have found on other websites. Be the first to cross the finish line and never lose a sale.


Nop Product Ribbons


Product Ribbons can be extravagant, minimalist, flashy, round, square, triangular. Whatever the style and form, the purpose is one - to highlight and promote the products on your website. Add eye-catching ribbons with the Nop Product Ribbons plugin for nopCommerce and give your products the attention they deserve!


Nop Quick Tabs


The Quick Tabs plugin for nopCommerce lives up to its name. It gives quick and easy access to product information without unnecessary drama. You can map the information tabs to products, categories, and manufacturers. With this highly configurable extension, you can create custom tabs and finally get the messy product information in good order.


Nop Quick View


?o many stores owners, the product quick view may seem a small and unimportant feature. However, it makes a big difference to the online shopper. It allows the buyer to see the product details while browsing without going to the product details page. Refusing your online clients this convenience is the equivalent of imposing a no-product-label rule in an off-line store. Thanks to the Nop Quick View plugin for nopCommerce your product catalog will be more accessible and faster to navigate.


Nop Rich Blog


Make your blog shine with the Nop Rich Blog plugin for nopCommerce! The plugin offers so many great features the default nopCommerce blog lacks. You can feature blog posts on your home page, have a blog search, organize your blog content into categories, show related blog posts, and the list doesn't end here. The Rich Blog plugin is the little glitter your blog needs to seize everyone's attention.


Nop Sale Of The Day


What's on sale today? The Nop Sale Of The Day plugin for nopCommerce will give a quick answer. With this plugin, you can display an unlimited number of offers on your website. There is so much about this plugin that you are going to love. At last, there is a plugin that handles sale promotions fast and easy and makes clients happy.


Nop Sales Campaigns


Wouldn't be nice to run sales on your website the same way a brick-and-mortar store does? With the Nop Sales Campaigns plugin for nopCommerce creating sales campaigns is plain sailing. And yes, you can have that super cool countdown timer as well. The plugin integrates with the Mega Menu, Ajax Filters, and Product Ribbons plugins for even better results.